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Each month, SYMH publishes an e-newsletter "Update" for each of the phases, Primary, Secondary & Post 16.

We email all subscribers on our distribution list as appropriate, you can opt to be sent any or all of these or access them via this page. Newsletter Updates are available below from Jan 2016 and copies can be downloaded from the list below. 

If you would like to be on the distribution list please register with SYMH by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Please look out for these monthly emails and if necessary tell your IT team we are a trusted sender.

We welcome contributions to both this website and upcoming newsletters. Please feel free to drop us an email with news of your or your students' achievements and successes that you'd like to share.

E-newsletter updates 2017/8


Primary (October)

Secondary (October)


Primary (September)

Secondary (September)

Primary (August)

Secondary (August)

Primary (July)

Secondary (July)

Post 16 & KS5 (July)

Primary (June)

Secondary (June)

Post 16 & KS5 (June)

Primary (May)

Secondary (May)

Post 16 & KS5 (May)

Primary (April)

Secondary (April)

Post 16 & KS5(April)

Primary (March)

Secondary (March)

Primary (February)

Secondary (February)

Post 16 & KS5 (February)

Primary (January)

Secondary (January)

Post 16 & KS5 (January)

Primary (December)

Secondary (December)

Post 16 & KS5 (December)

Extra Update Primary (November)

Extra Update Secondary (November)

Primary (November)

Secondary (November)

Post 16 & KS5 (November)

Primary (October)

Secondary (October)

Post 16 & KS5 (October)

Primary (September)

Secondary (September)

Post 16 & KS5 (September)


All previous years' e-newsletters can be found as PDFs at the bottom of this page

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