LLME Communities


LLME Communities


This summary includes the two elements of this NCP; the NCP Workshops for Community Leads and the work that each individual hub undertakes to nurture and grow their own LLME community.

This is a continuation of the work started in 2018-19 to give definition and an evidence-based framework for the intentional design of a hub LLME community. The five principles that were developed in 2018-19 are:

  1. Common meaning and purpose 

  1. Plan for professional growth 

  1. Push and pull your colleagues 

  1. Professionalism  

  1. Collective and collaborative leadership

A hub’s LLME community is defined as the MHL(s), AMHL(s), other Leads, Specialists and Work Group Leads that support the work of the hub These professionals could have other roles e.g SLEs or PD leads but they need to be working directly with the hub in the roles outlined.


The growth and development of a vibrant LLME Community is a key element in the success of the whole programme. It is expected that hubs plan for activities annually that are both in line with the five design principles outlined above and that consider the content balance between the ‘3-legged stool’ of mathematics, leadership and community. Hubs should also use the emerging LLME Quality Framework to provide guidance.


As part of this project there will a series of NCP central workshops held in London, Birmingham and Manchester. The purpose of these is to exemplify strategies and principles as well as provide time for reflection and future direction. Each hub will be expected to send five delegates and to carefully consider the balance of role, skills and experience in these people.


 Each work group is led by a local leader of mathematics education (LLME) and teachers wishing to join this group of facilitators and help lead local maths development can contact Tara at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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