Mixed Age Planning



Teaching for Mastery Focused Issue Work Group:

Mixed Age Planning in the context of teaching for mastery



The project will involve the trialling and reviewing of a range of approaches to deal with the issue of planning for mixed age classes in a mastery context. The project will present current work and case studies from innovation work already carried out. Participants will be supported in engaging with approaches for their own school and evaluating the impact on pupils. The Primary PD Materials will underpin the work and provide a structure for planning. 

Please Note  It is expected that participating schools will have previously engaged in the Primary TfM Mastery programme. Schools who have not previously participated in the Primary TfM programme can apply to do so. The two programmes will run in conjunction with each other and support the development of Teaching for Mastery in schools with mixed aged classes. Schools who do not wish to engage in both programmes in 2019/20 will be expected to participate in the Primary TfM programme first and then join the Mixed Age work group in 2020/21.




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