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The Education Endowment Fund Same Day Intervention maths efficacy trial is not a recruitment to workgroups for the YHMH - it is something completely different and we need 120 schools!

What is Same Day Intervention?

SDI is an approach to teaching in which teachers restructure their maths lessons. After modelling using an ‘I do, you do’ approach, pupils answer some questions independently. This lasts approximately 30 minutes. Pupils then have 15 minutes away from their teacher (attending assembly or a teaching-assistant-led activity) while the teacher marks their answers using a rapid marking code. The remaining 30 minutes of the lesson is an intervention session, where the teacher groups children together based on how they answered the questions so that they can efficiently address common misconceptions. The aim is to use the additional support to ensure that all children reach a certain level of understanding by the end of the day, preventing an achievement gap from forming.

What difference has Same Day Intervention made?

Yorkshire and the Humber Maths Hub was inspired to initiate the Same Day Intervention (SDI) Work Group in 2015 following the teacher exchange visits to Shanghai. Over the last two years, 45 schools have been formally involved with the Work Group and have implemented the programme in their own schools. Pupils from participating schools took part in a pre and post survey to measure the attitudes and attainment. The findings from the survey indicate that pupils involved in Same Day Intervention made progress, and that pupils’ attitudes were shifting in regards to their:

    • Perceptions of mathematics;
    • Views of the subject itself; and
  • Views about themselves as confident, resilient mathematicians.

At the end of its implementation, it was found that the majority of pupils stated that they enjoyed maths and thought they had improved as a result of Same Day Intervention.

To find out more background information about Same Day Intervention, including access to our full report (detailing findings and research) and videos showcasing our work so far, please visit the Yorkshire & the Humber Maths Hub webpage at

Measuring the impact of Same Day Intervention

Following the success of this Work Group, Outwood Institute of Education is now carrying out an efficacy trial sponsored by the Education Endowment Foundation. This will be trialled in Year 5 classes and will run for one school year starting in September 2018.

We are recruiting 120 schools to take part in the trial – 60 of those will be control schools and 60 will be treatment schools that will implement the SDI approach in

Year 5 classes. [IR1]Control schools will not be using the SDI lessons, but pupils’ data and assessments will be used to assess the impact of the trial.

How do I get involved?

Primary schools with at least one Year 5 class (with no other year groups in the class) can take part in this programme. Schools should not have engaged in the SDI Work Group activity to date and would be required to commit to a Memorandum of Understanding. Schools will receive high-quality training to teach all of their Year 5 teachers to deliver SDI. Treatment schools in the trial will receive access to training and visits to open classrooms to see the intervention in practice.  They will be supported by resources and will have access to follow on support from the SDI team.

Control schools will be offered £1,000 on completion of their data and will be offered to opportunity to access the training at a later date.

If you would like further information about the trial, the original research or to have a chat about how it might work in your school, please email the team on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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