Register Your Interest for 2019/20 Work …

01-05-2019 Hits:363

  Click Here to take you straight to our new form where you can to register your interest for 2019 - 20 Work Groups. This form will mean you receive an email direct to you when the Work...

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How To Guide: NCETM Username

06-06-2018 Hits:416

   Click Here to take you to the NCETM Website..  

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There's Not Enough Words

04-12-2017 Hits:431

  There are too few words to describe the complexities of our number system. I am sure there is nothing new about what I am trying to explain here, much of it...

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Modelling ideas

15-02-2017 Hits:311

Ideas that focus on using technology to support looking at different mathematical structures, to support or reveal a deeper understanding..   Spreadsheets   10 Bar random sums <10 illustrated on a bar model (any part...

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Arithmetical Structures

08-11-2016 Hits:302

Representing the structure behind mathematics can help develop an understanding of arithmetic and/or algebra. This can also be linked with multiple representations of a concept as each of the illustrations...

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Modelling Negatives

03-11-2016 Hits:321

  Just a few images that some may find helpful when describing calculations with negatives         Multiplying involves the concept of an "enlargement" operation.   Then the distinction between the multiplying effect of 1 (stays...

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IRIS Connect

22-04-2016 Hits:564

What is IRIS Connect? Originally set up as a system for teachers to record their own teaching through video capture on a secure and convenient platform IRIS Connect now has the...

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Planning & Resources

01-10-2014 Hits:1296

All we want is ..... More than any other aspect the most common request from teachers is one of resources and teaching materials. This can be frustrating if you hold the opinion...

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