NCETM PD Lead Development and Accreditation Programmes

NCETM PD Lead Development and Accreditation Programmes (Early Years, Primary, Secondary, Advanced Level, and Core Maths)




This project is aimed at our Local Leaders in Maths Education. These are the local leaders who have signed up to develop further in there role. Please see our LLME page to show you how to sign up.


This is a programme of 3 face to face days over the course of 2019/20 together with institution-based work and individual study undertaken in between these days.


Participants will undertake to plan, run and evaluate a professional development programme for a group of teachers / practitioners* during the course of the 3-day programme and to record their planning, evaluation and reflection in an Accreditation Evidence Document (which includes a Programme Planning and Evaluation Template (PET), a Session PET and a Reflection and Learning Journal) 


Successful completion of the programme and satisfactory completion of all tasks and related paperwork will result in the participant being accredited as a NCETM Accredited PD Lead. 


An essential aim of the Maths Hubs Network’s is to promote high quality, collaborative professional development for all teachers of mathematics.



To achieve this aim it is important to ensure that there are enough people with the skills and capacity to lead, facilitate and support the professional development of others both within and across schools.This programme is part of a strategy to support the development of PD Leads across the network.


Download the application form on the attatchements section to apply now! 

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