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Engaging Websites


This website has 3 different puzzle styles on it- each is broken down into Explorer, Puzzler and Master.

The Mobiles puzzles focus on algebraic thinking and reasoning within a visually attractive and engaging format. The problems do get quite complex, but students can illustrate their thinking on screen by drawing and making notes with the pen function.

The Who Am I puzzles focus on properties of number, ranging from odd and even numbers through to harder divisibility laws, squares and cubes. These puzzles are currently under construction.

The Mystery Grid starts off basically as a Sudoku puzzle, although their complexity increases, with the introduction of inequalities, larger grids and in the Master Section, complex grids involving all 4 operatons. It is a real challenge for students with limited reasoning skills, but it is also very engaging- a Year 7 bottom set student went home and played on it for two hours after we did it in lesson!


This can be used by teachers and students to generate questions on a variety of topics, split into Bronze, Silver and Gold difficulty. It is particularly useful for those students who like to do lots of independent practice and learning at home to follow up what they have done in lessons.


This very useful website has fully interactive algebra tiles, bar modelling, Cuisenaire Rods and Dienes blocks, which are great for whole class discussions or independent computer work. Colours, lengths and number of ‘parts’ can all be edited. The website also has differentiated questions and AFL check-up for use in the classroom.


YouTube- Essence of Calculus Playlist (search on Youtube ‘Essence of Calculus Playlist’)

This playlist has videos that cover everything from the paradox of the derivative through to higher order derivatives and Taylor Series. Students could watch it before a lesson on a certain topic, as they explain topics in a thought-provoking way. As differentiation from first principles begins to appear on the new A-Level, this level of understanding and thought process has never been more important. Most videos are 15-20 minutes long

Videos in order:

1. The Essence of Calculus

2. The paradox of the derivative

3. Derivative formulae through geometry

4. Visualising the chain rule and the product rule

5. Derivatives of exponentials

6. Implicit differentiation- what’s going on here

7. Limits

8. Integration and the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus

9. What does area have to do with slope?

10. Higher order derivatives

11. Taylor Series


If you have suggestions for godd ideas to be uploaded to this section of the SYMH website please contact Kieren O'Sullivan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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Engaging Websites - what are your favour…

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