Royal Institution Masterclasses


Sheffield Royal Institution Mathematics Masterclasses

for Year 9 students in 2018


The Royal Institution is pleased to announce the running of the 2017 Sheffield Secondary Mathematics Masterclasses. Schools are invited to nominate up to four students to attend the Saturday morning Royal Institution Mathematics Masterclasses at Sheffield Hallam University and the University of Sheffield. The series will run from Saturday 12 May until Saturday 30 June (excluding 26 May and 2 June); therefore we need to ask for your nominations before Friday 4 May 2018


RI Masterclasses are run in series of six Saturday morning workshops designed to inspire and engage young people to think more deeply about the wonders and applications of mathematics, giving them the chance to explore a range of topics beyond the school curriculum. Students nominated should be interested and enthusiastic about mathematics, as well as being from among the most mathematically able students currently in Year 9 at your school (though not necessarily as measured by exam success). Masterclasses are free for the students.


You can find at the bootm of this webpage an information sheet about the classes for students and parents, a student details form and a nomination form. The nomination procedure is:

-     Duplicate the information for parents sheet and student details form to give to your chosen students;

-     Collect their completed student details forms;

-     Complete your nomination form, with students in priority order (if more students are nominated than can be accommodated, we will involve as many schools as possible, allocating places in order of priority);

-     Return the nomination form and scanned copies of the completed student details forms for all nominated students via email to the address below.

Please note that students are expected to attend the entire series of six sessions. If your chosen student(s) cannot commit to the series, please offer the opportunity to other students instead. The demand for places is usually far greater than the number available, so please place your nominations in priority order. Student absence without a justifiable excuse may result in the loss of their place to a student on the waiting list.


Please return your nominations to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view 5pm on Friday 4th May at the latest,

To confirm the place I must receive scanned signed copy of the student details forms for all nominated students.

If you cannot scan the forms, please return the nomination form by post. The postal address is: Heather Holt, UK Student Recruitment, Surrey 5401, Sheffield Hallam University, Howard Street, Sheffield, S1 1WB. If you wish to get parents to send their forms directly to me then please pass on my details.


Teachers are not required to attend the Masterclasses with their students but we would be grateful if a teacher from each nominating school could come along and help at one or two sessions – please see overleaf for more details. If you or one of your colleagues would be able to come and support one of more of the workshops, please let me know.


I look forward to receiving your completed nomination and student forms.

Yours sincerely



Heather Holt

Sheffield Hallam University     E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.T: 0114 225 4777

2018 Sheffield Royal Institution Mathematics Masterclasses

Information for teachers


About the Masterclasses

Royal Institution Mathematics Masterclasses are designed to encourage, inspire and engage young people in the art and practice of mathematics. The highly interactive sessions introduce students to aspects or applications of maths which may not usually be covered in the school curriculum, and open young people’s eyes to the excitement, beauty and real-world value of mathematics.


Where possible, every school in and around Sheffield will be asked to nominate a few students to attend the whole Masterclass series – this is six Saturday morning sessions.  Though every effort is made to accommodate all student nominations, the series is likely to be over-subscribed so not all nominated students will gain a place.


Who to nominate

The classes are designed to highlight the variety of applications of mathematics; they are hands-on workshops with real theoretical depth, allowing students to explore the mathematics within each topic. Participants need enthusiasm and persistence as well as mathematical ability; it will be a rare student who understands all the material completely at a first hearing and participants will need a determination to explore.


We ask schools to nominate a few of their brightest and most enthusiastic students to attend the Masterclasses. These will not necessarily be the students who do best at exams – these will be the students who are always willing to question and want to explore and understand things in more detail. Whilst we aim to establish an enjoyable working atmosphere, the students who derive the greatest benefit are those who are most attentive and hard working.



Saturday 12 May – Sheffield Hallam University, Owen Building

Saturday 19 May – Sheffield Hallam University, Owen Building

Break for Half Term

Saturday 9 June - University of Sheffield, Hicks Building

Saturday 16 June – University of Sheffield, Hicks Building

Saturday 23 June – Sheffield Hallam University, Owen Building

Saturday 30 June – University of Sheffield, Hicks Building


The Masterclasses will run from 10am until 12:30pm, starting promptly. There will be a short break during the session, and students are asked to bring a drink and a small snack.


Teacher helpers

We welcome teacher helpers to give assistance during the Masterclass sessions. Helpers support the students with activities and may be able to pick up ideas from the Masterclass for use in their own teaching.  Please let us know (on the nomination form) the names and contact details of any of your staff who would like to help in this way. 


Parental consent

The information on the student details form will enable us to contact them if they have been successful in gaining a place on the series. We will ask them to complete an additional details form online to ensure we have all the information we need to run the Masterclasses effectively and safely. We must have parental consent in order to contact them and for the students to attend the series. The consent statement on the form also enables you to pass the student’s details to us.



Students will be notified if they have a place on the Masterclass series and will be expected to attend every session.  We will also email you to let you know which of your students have gained a place, and will ask you to please ensure the students and their parents/guardians complete the online registration.


Parents are asked to let us know if a session has to be missed for any reason - failure to do so may result in the loss of place in favour of a student on the waiting list. Some students may have a prior commitment on one of the Saturdays – if we are informed of this it will not be a problem to accept them, however if they are due to miss more than one session we would ask you to offer the place to a different student.



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